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The Anti Feminist Cakes

Feel the need to piss off a feminist? Make some cupcakes preferably with pink frosting and blog about it! For some reason cup cakes seem to have become the nemeses of feminists. I only recently started calling myself a feminist. I have always wanted to stay away from that title because I think many of […]

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I guess most of you know what housewife points are but does anyone know what the equivalent is for men? I really need to know because I just did something I generally leave to my fiancé and I really want some man-points(?) for it. Yeah, I shoveled snow for the first time… like ever. I […]

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Banana Bread

  I wont give you some crap about this being the perfect thing to bake when you happen to have few bananas about to go bad on your hands. Seriously, closet housewives with full time jobs and kids know better than to believe it is a realistic scenario that you happen to have the energy […]

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